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Immortal Spirits Of Eden Volume 2
July 6, 2016

Short about the book

G rey is a sci-fi book which looks at the subject about the alien called “Grey” from a different perspective. Who are the Greys? Where are they coming from? What are their intentions? Why are they abducting people? The story follows a young man who is extraordinarily gifted. The main character whose name is Ed, who has an IQ above 250 and several Ph.D.’s. Ed is a scientist who works on practical quantum applications. He works with different theories and tries to find a practical application for them. Later he will find out that one of the devices he is working on is going to save humanity from extinction.

There are many interactions between Ed and Grey that will answer any questions a reader may have. Ed finds out that Greys are not aliens and they are originally from planet Earth. Greys have a master plan which they were following for centuries.

Ed become part of this plan…


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