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Immortal Spirits Of Eden Volume 1

Immortal Spirits Of Eden Volume 2
July 6, 2016

Chapter one

E li is a 35 years old man with black hair and brown eyes, a handsome man with a slim body. Although he looks usual, there is nothing ordinary about him. His eyes are somehow mysterious and full of pain. Even when he laughs, he still doesn’t seem happy. He has always been like this. He smokes and drinks lots of coffee, but he does not like to drink alcohol. Of course, he drinks sometimes, but he always likes to be in control. He has got rather manly hands, and although most of his life he has been working with pen and paper, his hands look slightly rough. Eli and Diana have been married for five years. He met Diana at a party. She was introduced to him by Angela, his best friend. They have been friends for a long time, and she has always been there for him. Diana was studying at the same college as Eli. She was working together with a group of medical doctors on a new chemical substance which would kill cancer cells. That night in the party when they met, it suddenly clicked. It was love at first sight. One year later, they were married and living together. Diana is an attractive 30 years old brown-haired woman with sparkling blue eyes and a slim body. She is average height and has a sweet face. Diana has a loving personality and loves Eli very much. The couple is not particularly religious. Eli and Diana complete each other. Eli is a glass-half-empty person who believes that worth will always happen. Diana is a very optimistic person and always thinks the best. She is full of life, and life has been kind to her. She is often happy and tries to influence Eli positively.



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